A three story house – the monastery orphanage – is situated in the western side of the monastery property, on the other side of the walls. It is an completely remodeled house of the monastery hotel which used to be the administrative building of the special technical school during Soviet times.

The first monastery orphanage in the Volga region

It has been a pious tradition of Russian monasteries to give shelter to unfortunate sick people and orphans. From the very start of its revival the Raifa Monastery, in spite of the financial difficulties, tried to help orphans and children from troubled families. At first a part of the Alexeev fraternity cells building was alloted for them; later they were moved to the remodeled, more comfortable house.

In the monastery children have all that is necessary to study, work and relax. The school age children are taken every day to the village school by a monastery bus. The smaller children are looked after by experienced teachers, who also help the school children to prepare their homework. The children learn to sing and participate in daily church services. But it is necessary to mention here that we are not preparing them to be clergymen. They have a computer class equipped with up-to-date techniques, video, TV classes, a good library. The boys have organised an interesting singing group; they perform not only religious but also pop songs. Each of the inmates has his own skates and bicycle. They play football in summer and hockey in winter on the special playground.

The dormitories are high, full of light, with good furniture. The orphanage has its own hospital and a doctor’s assistant is always in charge.

In the orphanage building. The inmates of the monastery feel absolutely at home here

In the computer class