Orthodox Chants and Folk songs


CD "Beneath Thy Mercy"(2004)
Russian Orthodox Liturgy Chants

Beneath Thy Mercy

1 Beneath Thy mercy
2 Lord now lettest Thou Thy servant depart
3 Praise ye the name of the Lord
4 From My Youth
5 Praise the Lord, O my soul
6 Holy God
7 The litany
8 Troparion and kontakion to the Georgian ikon of the Mother of God
9 Our Father
10 Before Thy Cross
11 Cherubic hymn
12 Now the powers of Heaven
13 With the Voice of the Archangel
14 Oh, ye Graced Mother of God
15 It is Truly Fitting
16 Receive ye the Body of Christ
17 Praise Mother of God
18 Troparion and kontakion of Christmas Day

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